What are the delivery times for your products?

For the catalogue’s products the delivery time is about a week, for the custom product and the foreign client the delivery time need to be fixed.

Do you produce the products in the catalogue?

All products are made by our company with high quality components.

Do you do the assistance and spare parts service?

Of course yes! Our spare parts are always available with a 24h delivery for the products of the catalogue.

Is it possible to ask for products not available in the catalogue?

Yes! The product in the catalogue are immediately available, but for custom made products we will need time to do a custom design and implementation.

Is it possible to modify the products in the catalogue?

Of course yes! Depending on the needed change, we will have to do a new design.

Do you do welding, turning and milling works on behalf of third parties?

Yes! C4 Meccanica does numerical controlled mechanical manifacturing (CNC), on behalf of third parties too.